Vodka Turbo Yeast - 72g

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Vodka turbo yeast has the enzyme Amyloglucosidase (AG), which enables this combination to ferment fruits, which not every yeast can say. This yeast can make up to 15% ABV and one bag makes 25 liters (or about 6.5 gallons). Vodka Turbo yeast is highly recommended for pot still users for its ability to produce a very clean sugar, grain or fruit brandy wash with minimal congeners. 

Instructions: To Make 6.5 U.S. Gallons (25 L) Pour 5.5 gallons (21L) of warm water (104°F/40°C) into your fermenter. Add 13 lbs (6kg) sugar to make 14% alc./vol. Mix well until sugar is completely dissolved. Let sugar water temperature cool down to 90 degrees before adding yeast. Add 72 grams ( 2.5 oz ) of the Vodka Turbo Yeast and stir for one minute. Leave to ferment between 70-85°F (21-30°C) until fermentation ceases estimated 6-8 days. Complete fermentation times are temperature dependent.

General Info

  • Able to make alcohol up to 15% ABV
  • One bag Treats 25L (6.5 Gallons)
  • Amyloglucosidase converts starches to fermentable sugars
  • Produces clean sugar, grain, or fruit brandy wash