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Still Spirits Pot Still Copper Condenser

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The Pot Still Alembic Condenser is best used with the T500 Boiler and the Pot Still Alembic Dome Top. You can use this with the T500 Boiler without the Pot Still Alembic Dome Top, to do this it fits on to the lid of the T500 Boiler. This condenser is what differentiates this still from the T500. It is what retains the flavor rather than stripping it out by refluxing. This comes with a thermometer, tubing and tap adapter set. 

The T500 was designed and assembled in New Zealand, the world's most advanced fractionating column for home use. It includes stainless Steel Construction, faucet adapter for ease of water flow adjustment, 25 L boiler with 1800w integrated element, boil dry reset, thermal cut out fuse and waste discharge tap. 

***Double Note:This product is for distilling water ONLY. Distilling spirits without a license is illegal in the United States.

General Info

  • To be used with Ambilic Dome Top and T500 Boiler
  • Distill your own water at home


  • Copper condenser w/lid plug
  • Digital thermometer
  • Tubing, Tap Adapter and Water flow Controller
  • Instructions.
  • One Year Manfg. Warranty

1 Review

  • 5
    Easy and complete

    Posted by Amy U. on Dec 17th 2016

    Came with nut, oring, hoses, faucet adapters, and even a quick connect tail, thermometer, and 47 gallons of packing peanuts so it arrived without a scratch even thought UPS tried their best to destroy it with a field goal attempt. With all the pieces included, no scrounging around for fittings and parts were needed. Now we can switch back and forth from a reflux depending on the product we want to make. It works well and looks cool too!