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Stealth-RO300™ Reverse Osmosis Filter System

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This RO system allows you to take your local tap water and turn it into RO water.  The RO300 produces 300 gallons of water per day.  This is significantly more that what is produced using an under the counter RO system which are typically 50 to 75 GPD.  The issue you run into with smaller systems is that they work well for small amounts of water, due to their small tank, but once water in tank is used (usually about 3 gallons) it takes a very long time to fill a brew kettle.  This system is designed to fill your brew kettle directly.   We brew often on a 15 gallon system and we typically start the RO system about two hours before we brew.  (We use about 25 gallons when brewing a batch).  

This system can be permanently mounted or you can mount it on a portable frame (We just made a frame out of 2x4's)  Because you hook this directly to a garden hose.  You can purchase a white food grade garden hose from your local big box store or RV supply center.  They are very inexpensive.  Then you can just hook this up while you are brewing and then unhook and put away when you are done.  Click Here to view the manual for this unit.