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Stainless Steel Chiller Combo Kit

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Immersion Wort Chillers are the best way to cut down on the time involved in a brew day and up your home brewing game. Connecting to any standard garden hose threading (GHT) or utility sink, this 50' and 25' Immersion Wort Chiller Combination Kit is a great method for quickly cooling your wort even in the heat of summer by utilizing a pre-chiller along with a traditional immersion coil. Simply immerse the smaller coil in a bucket with ice water, then the temperature of you liquid going through your standard immersion coil will be much cooler. Get you wort cooled down fast, and get it ready for pitching your yeast. Made from 50' of 3/8" stainless steel tubing and only 8.5" wide and 25" tall, this primary chiller fits easily into any smaller vessels.

Advantages to our coils include the offset inlet/outlet height to equalize as you slightly stretch the coil for maximum surface area exposure and the four foot tubing length provides plenty of space to make sure your garden hose connection is not over the kettle preventing any leaks from getting into your wort!

If you need an extra garden hose fitting for the outlet of the chiller you can add one to your cart Click Here!
If you need high temp tubing you can add some to your cart Click Here!

General Info

  • One 25 foot stainless steel coil for pre-chilling and one 50’ stainless steel coil for wort chilling. These are constructed of 304 stainless steel and are 3/8”
  • A water hose connector for inlet. This connector has a removeable (1/4” MFL to ¼” FFL) barbed end for easy disassembly.
  • 5 adjustable stainless-steel worm clamps for easy disassembly when you need to clean or reconfigure.