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Spike Brewing V4 10 Gallon Kettle - Two Vertical Couplers

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Spike Brewing has Changed the world of brewing with their top-of-the-line brew kettles. Made with 304 stainless steel, this kettle has a 1.2 mm thick wall, making it the thickest kettle on the market. Spike went all the way to provide the best product possible, welding the fittings that are included with the kettle; that means no more leaks and bad quality weldless fittings! Great news For all of you induction brewers, we have some good news for you! This kettle comes induction-ready, with a 5 mm tri-clad bottom. Internal volume markings make sure is brewing the precise amount of wort that your recipe calls for; no more questioning how much you put in. 

Are you ready for the best kettle a brewer can have? Scoop up a Spike Kettle today! 

Kettle Features

  • 2 Food-Grade welded couplers
  • Internal volume markings
  • Induction-capable 5 mm tri-clad bottom
  • 304 food-grade stainless steel with polished finish
  • 13.8¨ w
  • 17.0¨ h
  • 1.2 mm thick kettle wall