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Soda Carbonating Kit w/ 5lb CO2 Cylinder

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Our new line of Fizz Kits are a great option for carbonating you homemade soda or even filtered water. You can use it to carbonate virtually any beverage in a 2 liter bottle. This kit comes with a premium Taprite regulator with 2 year warranty. The carbonating process is simple - All you do is put the liquid in the bottle leaving a little room on the top (couple of inches is fine) then put on Carbonator cap, squeeze out excess air and turn on the CO2. Keep pressure between 30 and 40 PSI and shake bottle for 1 minute. This will carbonate your beverage! The key is getting the beverage very cold before carbonating. Use in conjunction with our Soda kits, or use your own soda recipe. We often use it around here to make sparkling water. 

*2 liter bottle not included. 


Items Included:

  • Premium TAPRITE Regulator featuring a TWO-YEAR warranty
  • Premium German Made & American Assembled CMBecker Disconnect
  • NSF Rated Gas Tubing
  • 5 lb Aluminum CO2 Tank included

1 Review

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    Works Great with the Correct Methodology

    Posted by Thomas W. on Jun 17th 2019

    My first attempts failed badly, but after using this method I get great results:
    1) Have an almost empty 2 liter bottle ready in the freezer on its side so there is ice frozen along the bottle's inside edge.
    2) Fill that bottle with cold water up to where it starts to get narrower. Very cold water absorbs the CO2 better.
    3) Attach lid, crank the PSI as high as it goes, open valve on red hose.
    4) Shake bottle for 30-45 seconds to get as much surface area of the water for the CO2 to get into. Slosh it around.
    5) Let sit for 5 mins with red hose attached and valve open.
    6) Close valve, disconnect red hose, but leave metal cap on until time to drink.
    It should be very bubbly. If not, agitate harder and longer and let it sit under pressure longer.
    Enjoy, my kids and I are!