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Mash Stabilizer - 5.2 pH (1 Lb)

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Using Mash Stabilizer - 5.2 pH provides a ton of great benefits. It quickly adjusts the pH of your mash to 5.2 regardless of the prior pH. It has no affect on flavor, and will optimize your malt enzymes aiding in wort clarification. It also promotes hop usage consistency in your boil.

*Usage: Use one tablespoon of 5.2 Mash Stabilizer per 5 gallon batch the pH of the water will instantly adjust to 5.2 pH regardless of what it was before.


General Info

  • Adjust the pH of your batch regardless of prior pH
  • Has No Affect on Flavor
  • Helps Clarify Wort
  • Promotes Hop Usage Consistency

2 Reviews

  • 5
    Bought this mash stabilizer to

    Posted by David H. on Feb 6th 2019

    Bought this mash stabilizer to stabilize my mash. I can confidently say that after adding this mash stabilizer, my mash was indeed stabilized!

  • 5
    A part of every brew day for me

    Posted by M S. on Sep 15th 2016

    I've been all-grain brewing for a while now, and pH 5.2 Stabilizer has been a part of my process for a long time. I use it more as an insurance factor than a requirement. Since I've been using it, I've never had a problem with conversion and my brewhouse efficiency tends to be a fairly consistent 80%. It's very easy to use, just drop a tablespoon in the mash tun after adding the grain and give it a stir. I'm still on my first one pound container after at least a dozen brews with it, so it's a fairly economical addition to the mash process, too. The few times I've checked pH it's been at or very near 5.2 so the product seems to be doing what it's designed to do.