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Maibock All-Grain Recipe Kit

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Maibocks are sometimes thought of as “Oktoberfests for spring”, and while it is commonly served as a celebration beer in the spring instead of the fall like an Oktoberfest, the beers really are quite different. Served traditionally in May, this beer style is known for its higher alcohol content, and is lagered (cold stored) for as long as 12 weeks. It is a strong golden lager, a bock bier to serve in the transition between winter and summer, and hence its name; Maibock (May Bock). It's the perfect way to celebrate the coming of spring, and you will find yourself calling your homebrewed example “MY-bock” since it will be all yours! 

Make this beer in late December through February, so you can have it ready for May as is traditional, or make it anytime. This beer is delicious all year 'round. 

This beer is an intermediate/advanced style due to needing a yeast starter (or purchase several packages of yeast) as well as strict temperature control in the low 50s during fermentation as well as a lagering period in a refrigerator. Many brewers in the Northern US and Canada find they can ferment this beer at a steady 50 degrees in places as a cellar or basement, or attached garage or shed, and that will be fine as long as the temperature is stable. A diacetyl rest after primary fermentation is recommended, and then racking to secondary for the lagering period is highly recommended. 

All orders containing Liquid Yeast will be shipped with a complimentary ice pack to ensure safe shipping! 

Maibock - All-Grain Recipe Kit Instructions

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Style Overview: 
Although lighter in color than it's traditional bock brothers and sisters, the Maibock has the same discernible alcohol taste as most bock styles. Traditionally served in springtime, this bock style is usually brewed in the winter to ensure proper lagering periods 

General Info: 

    • Batch Size: 5 Gallons
      • Mash at 155ºF
      • Est. Original Gravity: 1.068 SG
      • Est. Final Gravity: 1.018 SG
      • Est. Alcohol by Volume: 6.6%
      • Bitterness: 26.5 IBUs
      • Est. Color: 7.8 SRM




      • Pilsner Malt
      • Light Munich
      • CaraPils
      • Caramel 80L
      • Aromatic




    • Magnum Hop Pellets
    • Hallertau Mittelfrüh Hop Pellets