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Laboratory Thermometer, Calibration Certified

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Kessler offers their "Precision SafetyBLUE Thermometer", made here in the USA and calibration certified at 152° F. We will include a copy of the certification with each unit purchased, and this high quality thermometer will allow you to calibrate the rest of your equipment with confidence. 

Click here to see an example of the Calibration Certificate you will receive with this thermometer.

This professional grade lab thermometer will provide the most accurate and precise readings on the market.  Kessler utilizes their proprietary internal liquid which contains no Mercury, but has weight properties similar to give the most accuracy possible. For the serious brewers out there, beer nerds, and techies alike, this is the thermometer you want!

  • Know EXACTLY what your temperature is when you are brewing with the Calibrated Thermometer or a thermometer that you have checked with this thermometer.
  • You will receive a Calibration Certificate when you purchase this Thermometer.  
  • -4 to 230°F range with 3" immersion tip
  • Perfect for calibrating temperature probes in brewing systems like HERMS or RIMS
  • Proprietary "Precision Blue" internal liquid gives accuracy as close as possible to mercury and is ASTM approved.
  • Not all lab thermometers are made the same, these thermometers are much more accurate than the "classroom" grade often sold to homebrewers.
  • Glass hole in top of thermometer for string or wire hanging, will not pull off like caps on other lab thermometers
  • Each thermometer has a unique serial number for documentation purposes. 
  • During our in house testing using the calibrated version of this thermometer we have seen other brands be as much as 5° off actual temperature which can cause issues when brewing
  • Kessler Thermometer and Chase Instruments is a family owned business that has been making high quality, accurate instruments since 1934!