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Drip Trays

Drip trays come in a variety of options but they all serve to help keep your beer from making a mess over the surface or area that you're pouring beer at. Surface "mount" drip trays are the most easy to "install" because you can simply place them wherever it is that you need them to be. Most commonly, surface mount drip trays are used underneath beer towers as it's frequently a flat surface directly underneath the tower and you can set the appropriate sized surface mount drip tray in place. Wall mount drip trays, on the other hand, are more commonly installed on "keezer" (converted chest freezer to a draft beer dispensing system) set ups because you can drill them directly into the wall or surface that is for your project. Wall mount drip trays can also offer pre-drilled holes for you to easily install your faucet shanks through, providing an easy-to-use installation "guide" for keeping your faucets level with each other. No matter which style or type of drip tray you need, we carry it and proudly support it through our unbeatable customer service. If you need any help customizing your system with an appropriate drip tray, contact us and we'll get you taken are of!


Surface Mount Drip Trays | Wall Mount Drip Trays

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