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Irish / Scottish Ale All-Grain Beer Recipe Kits

<p>Irish Red Ales are a great beer for any occasion or season, known for their roasted, sweet malt profiles with subdued hop characterstics and a clean, crisp finish. They typically have a medium body, copper color, and are a different take on the traditional Irish and English Ales.</p>

<p>Sláinte Mhaith! (SLAN-je vah)</p>

<p>Similar to the three styles of English Bitter Ales, the Scottish style of ales can be broken down into three categories: Light, Heavy and Export. Wort caramelization is achieved by a long boil, which also creates higher levels of unfermentable sugars, giving Scottish Ales a deep amber-to-brown color and a rich, malty palate. Hop characteristics are traditionally light, as to emphasis the malt character of the style. Try a Scottish Ale today!</p>

<p>Sláinte! Here's tae ye!</p>

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