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Dry Yeast

Dry yeast in general is a great option for brewing beer at home. It is a very stable product in comparison to its liquid counterpart. Boasting 2-3 years of expiration vs 4-6 months allows you to use it as a back up source of yeast in case you have a batch that doesn't take off. It's extremely easy to use, weather you are rehydrating it or pitching it directly into your wort. We sell a few different reputable brands including Fermentis, Lallemand and Mangrove Jake for a variety of different styles of beer. These include American Ale, English Ale, Saison, German Ale, Wheat Ale, Belgium Ale, Lagers and even Kveik. Dry yeast generally does not "require" refrigeration, but it may help extend the lifespan. 

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