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Crystal and Caramelized Grains 1 lb

Crystal Malts are typically darker in color than base malts due to the caramelizing or crystalizing process which puts the grain past the kiln and directly into a roasting drum that slightly or heavily darkens the malt. The degree to which these malts are caramelized with often attribute how much color and what types of flavors they will impart into your beer. Generally speaking, most beer will contain some amount of crystal/caramel grains to provide a bit of sweetness and color to the beer. Since these grains don't have any diastactic power they should not be used as a base malt and will not provide fermentable sugars from the mashing process. Lighter crystal malts like 10L and 20L typically provide light straw like color with slight honey-like sweetness as well as body to the finished beer. Medium crystal malts like 40L and 60L will impart a measurable sweetness and caramel flavor to the finished beer along with significant body and head retention. And finally Dark crystal malts add a much darker color as well as caramel flavor. and due to the high roasting level, some bitterness is also added, often creating a bitter-sweet finish.

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