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Evil Twin Roller Grain Mill

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The Evil Twin roller mill with aluminum hopper holds roughly 7 pounds of grain, and features twin knurled rollers, 5" x 1¼". It will provide an even and consistent crush or mill preparing your grain for the best possible mash and sparge.

The roller's gap is adjustable at both ends with the already provided phillips screw calibration bolts. By default, the gap is set at .039", but you will be able to adjust it between a .015" to .070" inch range. The steel rollers are machined to efficiently grab the grain kernels and pull them through the mill, and the detachable hand-crank can be removed to install an electric drill. Using a 3/8" drill at 500 rpm gives you a crush rate of approximately 6 pounds per minute.

This mill features a 12" tall hopper, and includes a base board mount that's 12" x 12". This particle board mount is designed to fit snuggly on top of a 5 or 6 gallon plastic pail.

Some assembly is required, as you will need to bolt the hopper together along with attaching the mill to the base board with the included hardware.