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Craft Meister® Alkaline Wash

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This is a very good broad range cleaner for brewing equipment.  It works well in cold or hot water an dissolves easily.  It is especially good for soaking things overnight for two reasons, it does not lose its cleaning ability over time like oxygen based cleaners and it cleans very well in colder water.  As a brewer you will love this alkaline based cleaner for many of your cleaning tasks. This product is not recommended for use with aluminum, but works great on stainless steel, glass and plastics.  Its features include:

  • Non-caustic, it will not burn your skin
  • Works great in cold water
  • No chalky buildup
  • Great for removing labels from bottles
  • Breaks down the tough soiling
  • Reduces oxalate and calcium carbonate residues that oxygen cleaners like Oxiclean leave behind

Directions for use:

  • For most items you can use 1 oz of powder per gallon of water.  This would include bottles, carboys, fermentors, most kegs and other brewing items
  • For heavily soiled kegs, brew kettles, tubing and other items use 2 oz per gallon of water