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CMB Inline Flow Control

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In Line Flow Control Compensator

This product allows you to restrict beer or other beverages in line, so you don't have to have a separate flow control faucet. This will allow you to control flow and foam in an existing system!
• Uses an Allen wrench (provided) to adjust flow (keeps unauthorized people from changing flow), also available with lever.
• Eliminate foam from beer or slow down/ speed up other beverages.
• Fix systems with issues without having to replace lines or faucets.
• Take the guess work out of line restriction. You can use shorter lines and still have perfect restriction.

  • We Suggest using line with 1/4" or 5/16" because with 3/16" you can cause to much restriction.

• Easy to disassemble for cleaning, clear for easy monitoring.

• Made in Germany from food grade plastic and stainless steel parts!