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Water Minerals

Water chemistry is one of the most underrated aspects to reliably making excellent beer! From pH to chlorine to the complete mineral content of your water, all of these aspects will play a role in how your beer turns out. The first step in this process, before you start messing with water chemistry, is to get a base mineral profile of the water you’ll use for your beer. You can do this by using bottled water or getting details from your local municipality about the profile of their city water. Using distilled or RO water is probably the most common option since you will start with a blank slate, or water that contains no minerals. This will allow you to build your own profile from scratch, adjusting your pH along with the hardness and ppm count on any given mineral addition. We do offer RO (reverse osmosis) filtering systems which allow you to easily set up your own reliable water dispensing system at home. 

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