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Malt Extract and Sugars

Homebrew Supply offers both fresh beer brewing dry malt extract (DME) and beer brewing liquid malt extract syrup (LME). Brewer's malt extract is a concentrate derived from malted grain. Extract brewing requires less equipment and can produce homebrew beer as quality as all-grain brewing. We only sell the freshest Muntons and Briess LME/DME that cover every type you will need like Pilsen, Wheat, Munich, Rye, Golden Light and Sorghum (Gluten Free). Dry malt extract (DME) is often times used as the sugar source to make a beer yeast starter as well. We also have our honey, corn sugar, Belgian candi sugar/syrup and maltodextrin categorized here with the DME and LME. Browse our brewing malt extracts and other sugar sources below or contact us today to learn more!

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