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Beer brewing hops are the flowers of the Humulus Iupulus plant. Our fresh home brewing hop pellets are used to add flavor, aroma, and bitterness to beers along with acting as a natural preservative. They help to keep beer fresher, longer; help beer retain its head of foam which is a key component of a beer’s aroma and flavor; and, of course, add “hoppy” aroma, flavor, and bitterness. Every single beer on the market today contains hops. If they didn’t, they would be a “gruit” which is basically a beer that, instead of hops, uses witches-brew-sounding herbs like bog myrtle, yarrow, heather, or juniper. We sell our beer hops in vacuum sealed, oxygen and light resistance packaging to ensure quality and freshness upon arrival. Find a wide selection of quality hops for beer brewing here at Homebrew Supply!


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