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Thermometers and Hydrometers

Beer brewing hydrometers are an instrument to measure specific gravity, original gravity and final gravity of beer to know the amount of fermentable sugars in your beer. This helps you understand the efficiency of your homebrew beer and know when it's finished fermenting. Homebrew hydrometers also aid in understanding the ABV (alcohol content) of your tasty beverage.

Brewers measure the sugar content of their fermented and unfermented beers to calculate the ABV% of the final product. There are two different units of measurement commonly used by brewers: Specific Gravity (SG) and Brix (which is measured in degrees Plato). Homebrewers usually measure their sugar content in Specific Gravity while professional brewers tend to use the Brix scale. The most common tools used for taking these measurements are Hydrometers (SG) and Sacchrometers (Brix). Simply fill a Hydrometer Test Jar with your wort or beer, place the hydrometer or sacchrometer in the jar, and take the reading at the meniscus line. Refractometers are also a popular tool for measuring sugar content. Simply place a few drops of wort on the blue plate on the end of the refractometer, and using the refractive properties of the wort, the tool will tell you exactly how much sugar is in your unfermented beer. Make sure you get the correct refractometer if you're measuring in Brix or Specific Gravity. You can take your gravity reading before fermentation (original gravity) and your reading after fermentation is completed (final gravity) and plug those numbers into our ABV Calculator to figure out the ABV percentage of your final beer! A word of warning: Do NOT use a refractometer for testing final gravity. The alcohol in the finished beer will distort the refractive properties and will give you an incorrect reading.

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