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Fermentation Equipment

Fermentation is life to any beer, wine, cider or mead. Your yeast wants to re-produce and you want it to, so you get that conversion of sugar into carbon dioxide gas (CO2) and ethyl alcohol. We've sourced all the equipment and tools you need to make fermentation happen efficiently. Whether you're deciding between glass or plastic carboys, buying new fermenting buckets or stepping up into a conical fermenter, you can find a full assortment of all the equipment and tools below. We also offer a lot of great way to maintain your fermentation temperature, whether you're brewing ales or lagers along with all of the accessories to transfer between fermentation vessels and from the kettle into your primary fermenter. We recommend using glass or stainless steel for a secondary fermentation if you plan to age the beer more than two weeks. Don't forget to pick up your stoppers and airlocks to complete your fermenter, and the Small Stopper or #7 work well with glass carboys while the Intermediate Stopper fits most plastic fermenters. 

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