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All Grain Brewing

Most beginners start with Extract brewing, but it's not always the case. If you're new and looking to jump right into All Grain brewing, or if you're ready to upgrade your current extract brewing system we've got the gear you need! All-Grain brewing will require more equipment and a longer brew day, but in our opinion it's well worth it! You will need to convert the starches in the whole grain into simple sugar yourself with the all-grain process. This involves soaking those grains in hot water for roughly an hour, and then running more hot water through that grain bed to rinse out as much of the remaining sugar as possible. The more sugar you are able to extract from the grain bill, the high efficiency your mash will yield. Check out our All Grain systems, bundles and individual items like Mash Tuns and HLT's. We offer everything you could want at excellent prices.

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