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Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil System

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Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil System

Begin your all-grain brewing adventure with the brand new Mash & Boil System from Brewer's Edge!

This system is an electric mash turn and boiler combined into ONE SINGULAR UNIT! Say goodbye to clunky outdoor burners and conserve space with this all-in-one unit. No need to install extra or special 220v outlets, the Mash & Boil System works just fine with a standard 110v household outlet.


  • Unique double wall stainless steel construction holds in the heat, achieving a rolling boil with only 110v and 1600 watts
  • Precise thermostat & internal sparging basket allows mashing and boil to occur in the same vessel
  • Adjustable thermostat & adjustable run times (preset at 3.5 hours for safety but still configurable)
  • The ability to use delayed programmable start timer so you can configure the Mash & Boil to turn on up to 24 hours after setting it
  • 5 gallon batches with a max capacity of 7.5 gallons.

DIMENSIONS: 28" tall closed, 40" tall with basket, 14" wide and includes a 5' power cord.

3 Reviews

  • 4
    Easier brewing

    Posted by Corey B. on Feb 24th 2019

    The system works great, It has its own false bottom and everything you need for easy all grain brewing. I no longer have to brew 5 gallon brews outside, using my propane heating unit. I don't believe in giving five stars unless the item is the greatest thing that ever happened, but this item is very good and works great.

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    Handy Item with User Modifications

    Posted by Lon S. on Mar 24th 2018

    This is a great way to brew all-grain without the hassle of gas burners, pumps, or coolers. I'm still a newbie, brewed 6 1-gal batches on the stove before moving up to 5-gal with the M&B. After the first M&B batch, I crafted a "blanket" and "hat" out of insulation to help hold the heat in. With that, the unit heated 42F strike water to 162F in 1 hr. Got to a boil in 30 min.

    There are 3 design features that I'm not fond of and prevent this from being a set-it-and-forget-it system. First, there are only two heat settings to work with. During boil, sometimes one seems too hot and the other not hot enough. Second, the thermometer is at the bottom, just above the heater. This is fine for strike and boil, but during mash, it is measuring the temp of about an inch of wort between the heater and the strainer full of mash. When the heater comes on, it heats that wort really fast and hot and when the heater is off, heat loss through the bottom cools the water. The temp shown during mash is not necessarily the temp of your mash. You still should measure the temp of the mash separately and stir and heat when needed. The last issue is that the temperature must swing 6F from the setting before the heat comes on or off. A 12F range is a bit too big of a window for me. When you consider that it takes a while for the heating coil to heat up or cool down, the actual temp swing is actually larger. +/- 2F or 4F switch might have been better.

    These issues were mitigated by adding the insulation which greatly reduced the need for heat while mashing. My unit is now like a kettle/cooler hybrid. Only needs heat on occasionally during mash.

    Even without the insulation, the M&B is a great choice for entry level all-grain brewing. Just don't expect that you can nap while brewing.

  • 5
    Brewers Edge Mash & Boil

    Posted by Terry F. on Dec 2nd 2017

    Best investment I have made so far. I just brewed the hardest recipe I have ever done and it was probably the easiest brew day I have ever had. This thing is Amazing!!! I was worried about it taking a long time since it is only 120v. It heated strike water every bit as fast as stove top, and brought to boil even faster. Once boil is reached, you switch from 1600 watts to 1000 watts and it keeps a nice boil going with out constantly trying to boil over. Chill down and pitch right in it. It is the primary fermenter too. It cut my brew time from 3 hrs to 2.5 hrs. I'll never go back to stove top again. Compared to the "Grain Father" it is hundreds of dollars less. If you don't mind sparging by hand this is the only way to go. I give it a huge thumbs up!!!