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Brautag | 3 Vessel HERMS 20 Gallon Premium Brewing System

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Brautag 3 vessel HERMS 20 Premium Gallon Brewing System




To redeem your FREE 15 gallon recipe kit, decide which kit you'd like from our complete selection (CLICK HERE) and simply write it in the "ORDER NOTES" section when you're checking out with your Brautag in your cart. You'll also need to write in the "ORDER NOTES" section which strain of Imperial Yeast you'd like us to send with your 15 gallon recipe kit (CLICK HERE TO SEE IMPERIAL YEAST). Your 1-year membership to Brewer's Friend PREMIUM will be registered by us using the email address you've given us as your Kegconnection account. Registration confirmation from will be emailed to you as soon as registration is complete.


Brautag is German for “Brew Day” and this is the perfect system for you to brew your best beer yet! HERMS stands for Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System. This is our favorite style of brewing system because it uses indirect heat to warm up your mash. This eliminates issues with scorched grain and gives its user very consistent brewing temperatures. The Brautag has three 20 gallon kettles and is the perfect size for 15 gallon batches.

The Brautag is a collaboration between the team behind the Homebrew Happy Hour podcast - and it has been a labor of love! This system was developed from the ground up and is the result of several years of building HERMS systems and brewing on them. The goal with this system is to allow someone to get it set up and brewing quickly and easily. The Brautag has been designed to be easy to brew on and this has been achieved by using very intuitive controllers coupled with videos and written documentation. For detailed information on this system please visit or watch the video below!


What's Included:

3 premium stainless steel Brautag 20 gallon kettles with durable ball valves and easy to use stainless steel quick connects - It makes swapping hoses around a breeze! 

Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) is fitted with a 50' half inch stainless steel recirculating HERMS coil for the most effective form of heat exchange.

Mash Tun comes with two premium quick connect attachments for sparging and a durable false bottom to ensure clear recirculation for your mash and sparge.

Boil kettle is fitted with premium components such as the tri-clamp fitted immersive heating element (which makes it easy to remove for cleaning or replacement) and stainless steel valves with quick connects.

The Brautag controller is an innovative no-nonsense controller developed to make your brew day better. It's easy to understand which makes it easier for you to fully control the brewing process. Dial in your temperatures with ease and control the entire process at the flick of a switch or push of a button.

Comes with two high quality centrifugal pumps!

Brew table is optional

Wort chiller is optional


Brautag Electrical Requirements Sheet (click to view PDF)




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