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Blichmann TopTier Brew Stand

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The TopTier Brew Stand by Blichmann offers incredible flexibility and versatility for any homebrewer. Due to its modular design, it can be customized to fit your needs by offering different shelves and brackets for mounting your burner, pump, and chiller. With this design, you are free to set up your tower any way you want to. You are free to experiment with your stand and find a setup that's right for you. If you are looking to automate your brewing process, check out the Tower of Power Control Module.

This stand is made to hold 3 tiers of shelves which can support up to three 30 gallon brew pots. The base stand includes the main post, legs, regulator, 6 shelving support arms (3 pairs), wheels, and all other hardware needed (shelves, chiller brackets, pump brackets, burners and kettles all sold separately).