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Blichmann HopRocket

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Hopheads unite! The Blichmann HopRocket is essentially used as a hopback, but it can also be used inline with your dispensing unit as a Randalizer. It can even be used as a filter in-line prior to your plate chiller. It's also able to hold up to 3 ounces of whole leaf hops, the hoprocket bring the next level of happiness to your brew.

The HopRocket can be combines with the RIMS Rocket to create a Recirculation Inversion Mash System (RIMS) used to heat your wort.

Product Features

  • Can handle pressure levels up to 40 PSI
  • Holds up to 3 oz. of whole hops as a hopback and 4 oz. as an infuser - twice as much as the competitors
  • 100% stainless construction and silicone seals
  • Fully enclosed system from brew kettle to fermentor which means no volatile hop aromas are lost!
  • Optional HopRocket Mounting kit is easy to integrate your Hopback into your TopTier modular brewing stand
  • Fine filter with a wiper seal sends very clear wort to your fermentor
  • Coarse filter and cone bottom inlet prevents wort channeling and backup for even hop utilization
  • Works on gravity systems and with pumps
  • 1/2" NPT connections are easy to make connections