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Blichmann Hopblocker

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The Blichmann Hopblocker is a new filter solution ultimately two filters in one. The hop blocker draws malt from the top down through a coarse filter, once the malt reaches a couple inches from the bottom of the kettle, lower the flow rate to around 1/3, then lift the shield to expose the fine filter in order to continue draining through the bottom. In the past, Blichmann has shown 95% of break material that was filter using the 20 gallon batches with 1 pound of hops. Awesome success!

The HopBlocker is recommended for use of the Blichmann's BoilerMaker Brew Kettles, but can be installed into any kettle.

Note: The HopBlocker is designed and intended for use with hop pellets only. Whole/loose hops will plug the HopBlocker. When combining the whole/pellet hops it is recommended to bag the whole hops when using this product.


  • Filters 95% break material
  • Breaking new design is essentially two filters built into one
  • Can be installed into any kettle
  • Recommended for use of pellet hops
  • Bag whole hops when using a combination