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Blichmann AutoSparge

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Blichmann's AutoSparge can automatically set the liquid level and hot liquor flow rate in your mash tun, it also maintains that level automatically. A perfect accessory for the RIMS systems, the AutoSparge level and flow control system also works great with pumps or gravity systems. The wort delicately rotates on top of the gran bed in order to reduce channeling and oxygen pick-up, also to increase extraction efficiency. Using the constant hot liquor level over the grain bed the difficult rotating sparge arms are unnecessary.


  • Enables set it and forget it sparging
  • Gently rotates malt on top of grain bed in order to reduce channeling and oxygen pick up
  • Stainless steel float arm, valve body, and float ball
  • Fits on to Kettle's larger than 12" in diameter
  • Includes an 19" silicone hose and stainless steel hose float ball
  • Comes with 6" float arm
  • Requires 3/16" to 7/8" mounting hole