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Lager / Pilsner Extract Beer Recipe Kits

Lagers use “bottom-fermenting” yeasts, which ferment at the bottom of a fermentation container and are typically brewed at cooler temperatures than ales. Lager yeast strains don’t typically feature the fruity aromas and other flavors that the top-fermenting yeast in ales do. As a result, lagers tend to have a more crisp and cleaner flavor than their ale counterparts.

The Pilsner style hails from Bohemia (now part of the Czech Republic) in the 1840s. They have a rich, complex malt profile that's complimented by the use of Czech Saaz hops (typically), which will impart a bit of a floral flavor. They are a lighter beer that range in color from a pale gold, to dark gold and have a medium body and mouthfeel and are known for having great head retention. Browse below to see our available homebrew lager and pilsner beer recipe kits or contact us today to learn more!

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