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Extract and Mini Mash Recipe Kits

Choose from a variety of extract brewing recipe kits from some of the top brewers in homebrewing, exclusively from HBS. We tend to use the terms extract, mini-mash and partial mash interchangeably, but most of our extract recipe will include specialty grains for steeping. There are just a couple of very simple recipes that won't come with steeping grains, recipes like the Hellaweizen and Kolsch. Extract brewing is how most beginners start brewing and are capable of making really great beer! Extract brewing generally requires less equipment and a shorter brew day, with comparable results to all grain brewing. We offer a huge variety of styles along with clones of some of the most popular beers on the market. Each recipe will also provide an option for yeast which we have a tailored selection for, depending on the recipe style. All our our recipes also include a link to the instructions and our General Guide to Brewing, so you're able to view the exact grain bill and hop schedule prior to ordering. 

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