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Air Distributor - 8 Way, With Check Valves

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CO2 Air Distributor / Manifold for Draft Beer with Check Valves

  • These air distributors / manifold are assembled in the USA by Kegconection, llc. They have been building air distributors since 2006 and warranty their product with a 5 year written warranty. They also include an instruction sheet.
  • Kegconnection uses a pressurized soap test on each regulator to insure they are leak free. Every manifold it tested before it is boxed and labeled.
  • Unlike many companies that use a permanent glue or just Teflon, Kegconnection’s technicians use a double seal method. First, each brass component is wrapped in ¼” wide Teflon and then an NSF approved, pipe sealant is added. This “Tru-Blue” product is made in the United States by Rectorseal. This system has three major advantages. The first is that is has two layers of protection against leaking, the second is that the fittings are removable for future upgrades, cleaning, or repair and the third is that they are vibration resistant.
  • These air distributors are completely customizable. You can pick inlet and outlet barb sizes (or just MFL) the inlet can also be installed with a ¼” MPT fitting to extend your existing air distributor.
  • The distributor bodies are made from quality extruded aluminum and only high quality brass components are used. These regulators are designed to last.
  • On an air distributor you want the CO2 to go out, but you do not ever want to liquid to draw back in and hurt your regulator or other components, should you have a negative pressure occurrence. To prevent this Kegconnection uses only on/off valves that have “check valves” built in. They only flow one direction. Air Distributors should have check valves, do not buy one that does not!
  • The on/off valves on these CO2 manifolds can be turned off to the right or left, this gives you more flexibility in tight spots.
  • You can mount these using a common nail or screw, they have a bracket an holes already built in.
  • Great for not only beer, but also kombucha, soda, water and other liquids. You can also use when force carbonating by picking only the kegs you to provide pressure.


WARNING: This product can expose you to lead,  which is known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. For more information go to:

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