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6 Gallon PET Plastic Carboy

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There are a lot of benefits using PET Plastic Carboys over glass, one of which is when you drop this carboy it won't break and spill your beer across the floor. They're also a lot lighter than glass so moving them from place to place is so much easier. 

Like Glass, PET Plastic won't let through any oxygen spoiling your batch. It's colorless, odorless, and stain resistant. The only negative to using PET is the fact that it can scratch, and scratches can be places bacteria will hide out in. But a little care when cleaning will prevent scratching and keep you and your carboy happy. 

*Do not fill or clean with liquids hotter than 127 °F (53 °C). 

Use carboy stopper size #10 or "Intermediate" for 6 gallon plastic carboys. 

General Info

  • PET Plastic
  • Taste/Odor Free
  • Stain Resistant
  • Impermeable to Oxygen
  • Use carboy stopper size #10 for 6 gallon plastic carboys
  • Easy to Clean!

1 Review

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    Better than glass!

    Posted by Angela S. on Mar 1st 2017

    This arrived in perfect condition just in time for me to transfer 6 gallons of Gewurztraminer to secondary, and wow what a difference! This was much easier to lift and handle than my big glass carboy. My only issue was using too-hot water to wash it and the side warping in slightly. That was user error, and nothing against the carboy itself. Just don't fill it with anything too close to the max temp listed on the description!